Student Chapter Members to Attend Regional Conferences with Scholarships

Student chapter scholarship recipients will attend ICMA's five regional conferences.

Mar 22, 2018 | BLOG POST

Thirty-four student chapter members will be attending this year's ICMA Regional Conferences with the help of ICMA-sponsored scholarships. Recipients are hoping to learn about region-specific issues and trends, hear stories of innovation in local government, and build stronger regional networks and relationships with ICMA members. The scholarship covers the full cost of conference registration. 

Jeffery Beck - University of Washington

Nathaniel Bennett - University of Washington

Christopher Tyler Burks - University of Alabama Birmingham

Cathleen Buzan - University of Washington

Nora Carroll - University of Washington

Zachary Chamberlin - Portland State University

Joseph Chidiac - Pepperdine University

Lily Ferraz - University of Washington

Evan Fischer - University of Washington

Allison Gantte - East Tennessee State University

Elizabeth Gray - Portland State University

Nicka Hohenkirk - Auburn University at Montgomery

Zac Huneck - Indiana University

James Jeffrey - Auburn University

Carly Joerger - University of Washington

Zach Kearl - University of Washington

Chadwick Lee - San Francisco State University 

Samantha Martinez - St. Mary's University

Liesl Olson - University of Washington

Reuben Ovbiebo - Tennessee State University

Ami Patel - University of Pennsylvania

Alyssa Patrick - University of Washington

Kim Pearson - University of Washington

Mary Pittman - Auburn University

Melissa Plageman - San Francisco State University

Amanda Rapinchuk - Portland State University

Jennifer Satterlee - Old Dominion University

Andrea Sirois - University of Arizona

Eric Tsai - St. Petersburg College

Jack Wakefield - University of Alabama at Birmingham

Bucoda Warren - University of Washington

Julia Watkins - University of Pennsylvania

Marcus White - Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

Alexandra Woodward - University of Washington

Here is more information on the student resources that ICMA has to offer.

Upcoming Regional Conferences

2018 Mountain Plains Regional Conference: April 1113, 2018

2018 Southeast Regional Conference: April 2527, 2018

2018 West Coast Regional Conference: May 24, 2018


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