Local Gov Life, Podcast Episode 2: Go Ahead—Laugh!

Jul 26, 2016 | BLOG POST
Local Gov Life is a mix of stories, insights, and advice from local government leaders. Host Rob Carty, ICMA director, Career Services and Next Generation Initiatives, provides the narrative that guides you through each episode. 


Episode 2 takes an in-depth look at the use of humor as an effective leadership tool in the workplace. This episode also has a special appearance from ICMA Executive Director Bob O’Neil, who shares some amusing stories from his days working in local government.



The inspiration for Episode 2 comes from Patrick Malone, Ph.D., director of the Key Executive Leadership Program, American University, and author of the July 2016 Public Management (PM) magazine feature story Go Ahead, Laugh! Why Humor Makes for a Better Workplace. During his segment Malone discusses why humor in the workplace is more important in the public sector than in the private sector.



Opal D. Mauldin-Robertson, city manager, Lancaster, Texas, discusses how she uses humor as a tool to diffuse tough situations, and how she learned this skill from her mentor.



In the closing segment of Episode 2 Jim Bennett, city manager, Biddeford, Maine, tells listeners about his unique take on the subject of humor in local government. Bennett spends his free time volunteering as Ginjo the clown, and while he doesn’t go into work as Ginjo, Bennett does try to encourage a fun working environment. 


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