Reframing Digital Disruption: The Conversation at BIG Ideas 2016

ARTICLE | Jan 20, 2017

At the 2016 BIG Ideas conference, thought-leaders from local government, private sector, and academia convened to discuss the role of technology on our society. Over the course of a weekend, attendees were inspired by provocateurs to think about the ways sophisticated, emerging and inherently disruptive technologies are changing the way we view community and influencing how we design, plan, regulate, and even interact within our cities, counties, and towns. The conversation “reframed” disruptive technology, bringing it outside of the confines restricted to techies and fostered an atmosphere for creative thinking on the broad impacts disruptive technologies have and will to continue to have on our communities. Adaptation and the ability to face the challenges ahead straight on will determine our success. Read on to find out just what unfolded over the weekend.

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