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ARTICLE | Aug 21, 2019

Village Administrator

Village of Port Jefferson

Job Definition - Leads and directs the municipal institution by providing policy guidelines, governance and compliance to ensure efficiencies of the organization as well as managing employees and projects.

Qualifications - Bachelor Degree inAdministration/Political Science/Law, Commerce, Business Administration or MBA


  • Minimum 5 years senior management experience in local government; 4 -5 years middle management experience with proven organizational transformation and turnaround of public sector organization
  • Requires good knowledge and interpretation of key and related local government municipal government and county civil service, as well as, a good knowledge of Mayor and Board of Trustees operations and delegation of powers
  • Project management platforms and tools to track and oversee projects with a good knowledge of Excel, PowerPoint, Sheets and Google share platforms
  • Candidate must be experienced in management; negotiations; NYS procurement rules; managing BID's, RFP's and BID projects; managing Village projects; Human Resources manager overseeing department heads with a clear sense of purpose and focus on successful completion and attainment of department objectives and goals; Lead the Executive Staff Meetings; knowledge of assessment and property tax and working with Village Assessor; enforcing and creating Village policies and procedures; attendance at all board meetings

Salary Commensurate with Experience

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