New Tools for ICMA Credentialing in California

Build awareness of the skills and experience required of the City Manager profession by earning the ICMA Credentialed Manager (ICMA-CM) designation.

Jul 20, 2017 | ARTICLE

Cal-ICMA, through the work of the Education and Professional Development Committee, completed an ICMA Credentialed Manager Program Recognition Toolkit and CM Program promotional flyers to help encourage more managers to join the program and, once credentialed, to help them promote their achievement.

The Recognition Toolkit is designed to be customizable to fit your particular circumstances. It includes a variety of pre-written tools/templates. The text on each of these templates in the toolkit can be cut and pasted onto your own letterhead:

  • Model proclamation

  • Model resolution

  • Draft e-mail announcement, and

  • Draft press release

You may choose to use any or all of these within your organization and/or community to acknowledge your significant achievement. Cal-ICMA encourages you to facilitate this acknowledgment. It is important to you as a professional manager and it is important to the profession as a whole to inform the public about the important work required for excellence in local government management and the varied skills and competencies required to do this work well. The Recognition Toolkit materials and the promotional flyers are available at these links:

Learn more about the ICMA Voluntary Credentialing Program