New LGR: Local Government Review Offers Perspective on Cybersecurity, Pursuing Innovation, and Storytelling

This special section of PM magazine is filled with key research findings and expert insights about local government issues and trends.

Nov 28, 2017 | ARTICLE

ICMA launches its third special section of LGR: Local Government Review in the December 2017 issue of Public Management (PM) magazine. Powered by TownCloud, this three-article issue is filled with key research findings and expert insights on local government issues and trends.

1. Local Government Cybersecurity in the U.S.: Survey Tells a Cautionary Tale

The most important cybersecurity problem that organizations confront is the constant threat of cyberattack. This article discusses cybersecurity issues and practices of U.S. local governments as identified in the first-ever nationwide survey of cybersecurity among U.S. local governments. ICMA conducted the survey in collaboration with the School of Public Policy, University of Maryland, Baltimore County, in 2016. Readers will learn about

  • Cybersecurity problems.
  • Barriers to cybersecurity.
  • Actions to improve cybersecurity.
  • How to create and maintain a culture of cybersecurity.

2. Pursuing Innovation in Local Government

This article embraces a broader concept of innovation that includes not only new technologies but also organizational changes and other modifications that may not be new to the profession but are new to a specific jurisdiction. Instead of relying only on case studies, we use data from a new survey of local governments on a range of innovations they have undertaken in recent years, along with follow-up interviews of officials in the most innovative organizations, all informed by broader academic research. Based on findings from ICMA Innovations and Emerging Practices in Local Government Survey 2016, local government managers will learn methods related to

  • Organizational change.
  • Performance measurement.
  • Infrastructure financing.

3. Powerful Storytelling: Leadership Narratives from UK Local Government Chief Executives

Managing a local government is a complex business. This article finds that storytelling forms an important part of the way in which appointed council chief executives lead, learn, persuade, establish credibility, network, and form relationships. This article covers four main themes:

  • Inviting an emotional connection with public service.
  • Making sense of organizational realities.
  • Provoking reflections on practices and assumptions.
  • Managing political relations with council leaders.

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