NACA Scholarship Winners Relate Their Experiences

2016 ICMA Emerging Professionals Leadership Institutes and ICMA Regional Summits

May 17, 2016 | ARTICLE

NACA, with generous support from the ICMA-RC, awarded scholarships to four individuals to attend the 2016 ICMA Emerging Professionals Leadership Institutes and ICMA Regional Summits.

Here is what our deserving recipients had to say about their experiences:

Midwest:  Jim Hurley, Assistant to the County Administrator of McHenry County, Illinois

“The 2016 ICMA Emerging Professional Leadership Institute (EPLI) was an excellent experience to learn about trends in local government and develop my leadership competencies. The event provided a series of interactive, challenging and engaging activities in leadership. I had the opportunity to hear from ICMA Executive Director Bob O’Neill and ICMA President Pat Martel about their perspective and experience in cultivating high-performing local governments. I look forward to applying the new knowledge I received from the EPLI to building stronger relationships with my peers and community.”

Mountain Plains: Bryan Layton, Assistant County Manager of Navajo County, Arizona

“The Mountain Plains Regional Summit has proven to be very impactful for our organization.  It was a unique experience to learn from and interact directly with Bob O’Neill, and the topics presented were extremely timely and relevant.  As a result of the discussion presented at the Regional Summit, we are changing how and why we conduct meetings, strategize, and plan.”

Northeast: Nathan Kelley, ICMA University Fellow

“Attending this year’s ICMA Northeast Summit was an experience filled with great memories, advice on beginning my career, and for fellowship in general. These types of events put forth by ICMA are a great source of learning how to become a better public servant and to see how your peers are navigating the profession as well. As a person who is at the beginning of his own career, the Summit was a great way to spend time in smaller groups while still getting a substantial educational experience.”

Southeast: Luisa Agathon, 2016 MPA candidate at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

“The ICMA SE Summit provided me with an opportunity to reflect on my transition from a student to a working professional in local government. The recurring message from the conference was about leadership. However, it was more than the theoretical aspect of who we should strive to be, it was about vulnerability. From the resilient leadership panel, I learned about the value of seeing challenges as opportunities for growth. There is no straight path to the top, but remaining true to our personal and professional values is what sets us on the path to success. From the session with Bob O’Neill, I learned about the power of being a catalytic leader, to see beyond our individual needs and establish relationships across sectors; to see the bigger picture. After attending the ICMA SE summit, I walked away knowing that leadership is an on-going development process. Fortunately, there is a strong network of professionals ready to help and support each other when confronted with challenges. I am grateful for the opportunity to learn from others and to be inspired by professionals in the field.”