LOGMAN leadership and membership voted to update the Association's name the the Nevada City/County Management Association (NVCMA).

Feb 1, 2020 | ARTICLE

Following much discussion regarding the name LOGMAN, the Executive Board voted to update the Association's name from the Local Government Managers Association (LOGMAN) to the Nevada City/County Management Association (NVCMA). After receiving the required votes from Corporate Members, the name change was made official. 

In using the new name, NVCMA hopes to make their alignment with ICMA more evident, and become a more inclusive association, not limited to CAOs, deputies and assistants. NVCMA as an organization has long welcomed assistants to the city/county manager, management analysts, project managers, and other positions supporting general administration of local government. We also included a Student Membership category in the recent amendment to the Bylaws. 

Under our new name, we will maintain a focus on our mission to increase the knowledge and ability of local government managers throughout the State, to strengthen the quality of local government in Nevada through professional management, education, training, association and mutual exchange of information, and to provide a vehicle for cooperation with the Nevada Association of Counties (NACo), the Nevada League of Cities (NLC), the International City/County Management Association (ICMA) and the Alliance for Innovation.