ICMA University Launches New 2017-2018 Leadership and Professional Development Catalog

Oct 25, 2017 | ARTICLE

ICMA University launched a new leadership and professional development catalog at the 2017 ICMA Annual Conference in San Antonio. The 2017-2018 catalog serves as a map for ICMA University leadership and professional development programs and includes career stage guide checklists, program descriptions, and key benefits of attending ICMA events.

Here are three reasons why professional development should always be a key consideration for you and your staff in the workforce:

  1. You thrive in your career. Professional development in local government distinguishes you from the rest of the crowd, putting you at the top by having acquired the highest level of professional knowledge available.
  2. You become a trusted resource. Evidence of advanced knowledge in the local government profession gives a competitive edge in the field. Being someone who is well trained in local government shows the importance you place on self-improvement and knowledge.
  3. It can provide a fresh perspective. Local government is continuously changing, and local government professionals must be prepared to meet the needs of their community. Gaining a fresh perspective on best practices in local government allows individuals to be open to new opportunities, strategies, and ideas.

Download the ICMA University 2017-2018 program catalog today!

Download Here


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