Cal-ICMA Board Minutes: November 7, 2018

Minutes respectfully submitted by Robert C. Donnan, ICMA.

ARTICLE | Nov 7, 2018
Cal-ICMA Board Conference Call
Wednesday, November 7, 2018 – 2:00 PM-3:00 PM


  1. Call to Order/Establish Quorum
    • President González called the meeting to order/established quorum at 5:05 PM
  2. Approval of Minutes of September 5, 2018
    • A.J. Wilson moved to approve the minutes as proposed. The motion was seconded by Toney Winney and the September 5, 2018 minutes were approved unanimously.
  3. ICMA West Coast Regional Conference 2019 (March 20-22)
    • Kevin Duggan noted that the ICMA Executive Board Nominating Committee meeting would take place on March 20.
  4. Sponsorship of the 2019 Local Governance Summer Institute
    • President González provided an overview of the program and noted that Cal-ICMA has sponsored the event in years past with no financial obligation.  
  5. Review of Updated Cal-ICMA Board/Committee Roster/Appointments & Vice President Selection
    • The current Board roster was reviewed, and it was noted that a call for Cal-ICMA VP candidates went out to the full membership. Interested individuals were encouraged to contact current Board Officers or ICMA staff.
  6. Proposed Cal-ICMA Board Meeting Schedule for 2019
    • The proposed schedule for meetings of the Cal-ICMA Board for 2019 was reviewed. There were no objections.
  7. ICMA West Coast Board Member Report
    • The open seat for West Coast ICMA Regional Vice President is for non-Californian candidates this year, unless there are no non-Californian candidates.
    • It was noted that the ICMA Executive Director just released a executive report on the 2018 ICMA Annual Conference. The event was generally successful. The Planning Committee meeting for the 2019 conference would be taking place the following week and the submission of session ideas was encouraged.
    • Karen Pinkos reviewed her recent event itinerary and noted that ICMA is continuing its conversation on inclusiveness and membership categories/dues.
  8.  Committee Chair Updates:
    • Ethics Committee: Brett Channing reported on the recent ethics article which noted a new ICMA ethics ebook; reviewed a February session for the 2019 annual meeting in San Diego, which included Martha Perego; the Ethical Hero Award Program now has an ongoing application process. 
    • Scholarship and Events Committee:  Tony Winney reported on the scholarship recipients for ICMA 2018, noting their social media activity and blogs; the creation of a deadline for submitting a notification of inability to attend the ICMA Conference will be created for future scholarships so that alternates have the ability to attend; planning and sponsorships for the upcoming Cal-ICMA Networking Dinner were reviewed; scholarships for the West Coast Regional Conference were being developed.
    • Talent Development Committee:  Nat Rojanasathira reported on developments at their recent meeting; work was divided into 6 core areas: talent award program, expanding county and rural engagement, student chapter engagement, best practices compendium development, training module, event sessions. 
    • Senior Manager/Encore Managers Committee:  No update.
  9. Affiliate Group Updates
    • WLG:  Sharon Landers reported that the Board is working to attract younger and/or early career professionals; they are also reviewing their mission to develop programs that will increase the amount of women at the top of the profession; a proposed session for the League of California Cities Conference on the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements has been accepted and men were encouraged to attend; such sessions will be pursued at ICMA events.
    • Senior Advisors:  A.J. Wilson reported the Senior Advisors are working with the Diversity Committee to create a comprehensive survey of all city managers in CA; providing outreach to ICMA members who have not renewed membership; assisted in the passage of gas taxes that support local government.
    • NFBPA:  the NFBPA Forum will be in Orlando, Florida from April 3-7; they are conducting a membership drive in conjunction with ELGL; redesigned their executive leadership mentor programs; will begin a certification for their executive leadership program.
    • MMASC:  Ashley Garcia reported that the upcoming MMASC 2018 Annual Conference was a success; Board is transitioning in December; Nick Gonzalez is the new President.
    • MMANC:  No report.
    • LGHN: President González reported that the LGHN Conference in Phoenix, Arizona was a success with diverse attendance.
    • CACE:  Mona Miyasato reported that Cal-ICMA activities were promoted at their recent conference; open to more opportunities for county and city managers to engage. 
    • CMD:  Brett Channing reported that nominations are open for two awards being given out in February; Kurt Wilson is the new President.
    • CCMF: Kurt Wilson reported that per their workplan, they are focusing on points of interest with regard to the profession; they are working more closely with MMASC and MMANC; their last Board meeting was a few weeks ago; they just completed a first-time managers event. Karen Pinkos encouraged Cal-ICMA members to join CCMF and get involved.
    • I-NAPA: Ed Shikada reported that they are putting together proposals with LGHN and other affiliates for ICMA events focused on equity and inclusion. 
  10. Additional Staff Reports
    • Interest in the Cal-ICMA VP position must be submitted by November 19.
    • Cal-ICMA bimonthly newsletter is scheduled for December 12.
  11. Adjournment
    • President González adjourned the meeting at 2:50 PM
    • Next meeting will be on February 13, 2019 in San Diego