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Individual Case Studies

Individual case studies are an excellent way to add relevant teaching material to a course without requiring students to purchase an entire book.  Students can order and download the PDF instantly in the online bookstore for a small fee. Or, you can pay an extra fee for copyright permission to make copies of the PDF.

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ICMA has gathered more data on local governments than any organization except the federal government. ICMA’s survey research topics include sustainability, health care benefits for local government employees, contracting for service delivery, economic development, e-government, 311/CRM systems, SARA Title III, disaster mitigation, and labor-management relations. ICMA has received funding from foundations, the federal government, and academics to conduct national surveys of local government programs and practices.

ICMA works with subject-matter experts to determine the appropriate scope and coverage of the survey.  Then the survey instrument (questionnaire) is carefully constructed in order to elicit the most precise and useful information possible.  Each national survey is conducted as a mail survey with an online option. Research indicates that the vast majority of local governments prefer to submit a paper survey. After responses to the first mail or the survey have diminished, a second survey is sent to non-respondents. The typical survey response rate is close to 30% for a sample of 8,000 local governments, depending on complexity and length of the survey instrument.

ICMA has a database of all city-type local governments with a population of 2,500 and above as well as all county governments. To reduce response bias, local governments are included in the sample regardless of whether there is an ICMA member in the local government. Most of ICMA's surveys are sent to the entire population of jurisdictions within a designated population range.  ICMA’s database includes identifiers, such as FIPS codes, that allow ICMA survey data to be merged with federal data for analysis.

Permission to Reproduce/Excerpt ICMA Material for Classroom Use

For permission to reproduce ICMA materials for classroom use in course packs or anthologies, visit the Copyright Clearance Center Web site at or call 978-750-8400.

Adjunct’s Corner

The Adjunct's Corner collection from the ICMA's Academic Matters newsletter including topics such as what makes a good teacher, how to build a syllabus, to what should your students read.


ICMA’s most popular textbooks are available only in print and are described on the Print Publications page. Click on any title and you’ll find information about quantity discounts and how to order. You’ll also see that we have a no returns/no refunds policy for both print and digital publications.

With ICMA e-books, a rich learning experience is on the way. ICMA’s digital library gives students and professors access to relevant resources right on their desktop computers, laptops, tablets, notebooks, or smartphones. 

ICMA e-books are produced with feedback from members and informed by member experience and research and analysis. By partnering with the following leading e-textbook distributors, ICMA is delivering a library of digital content to complement its print offerings:

If you are buying an ICMA digital publication for classroom use, we encourage you to use one of the e-book distributors noted above. An alphabetical listing and description of digital publications is available in the bookstore

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Professors can request examination copies of digital titles here. Exam copies of print publications are no longer available.

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