A Year Interrupted

As you know, the purpose of an annual report is to share a fiscal year’s financial results and other accomplishments of the organization in its journey toward its strategic objectives. While that information is in this interactive annual report, I also share with you that this year defies the boundaries of the traditional. I believe it will take several years to gain a better—but by no means complete—understanding of the tremendous events that took place in fiscal year 2020 and their profound impact on this organization and the profession it serves.

We began our fiscal year laser-focused on continued implementation of Envision ICMA Strategic Plan. Today we celebrate major achievements (which you will find under the milestones heading) that made significant progress toward Envision ICMA goals. For example, our membership numbers broke the 13,000 mark and dues revenue increased as well. The ICMA Annual Conference in Nashville shattered previous records with more than 5,500 total attendees, and our grant-funded work continued to further both the mission of ICMA globally and provide a solid financial return.

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Elsewhere in this annual report, you can connect to activities related to the latter part of the year, when ICMA and local governments the world over pivoted to meet the disruptive and deadly challenges of the coronavirus pandemic and the civil unrest resulting from incidents of racial and social injustice. With the ICMA Executive Board’s support, we redeployed our resources in service to the overwhelming needs of not only our members but of all local government professionals around the world looking for leading practices, tools, and expertise for circumstances never before experienced. At the same time, in the face of tremendous economic uncertainty, ICMA adopted a fiscally conservative posture in order to protect our resources and underwent a significant operational transformation by moving all of our operations into a virtual environment out of concern for the health and safety of our employees and their families.

So while you will see that our 2020 metrics are sound—we contributed $1.4 million to net assets, grew our revenues and hit a number of milestones on our journey toward achieving the strategic priorities of Envision ICMA—the true impact of all that has occurred during this year will certainly be felt next year and most likely for the next several years.

I confess that when I said last year you could count on ICMA to support and inspire you as you lead your communities through exciting times, I did not imagine the massive hurdles you would be facing in the latter half of 2020. But true to the inherent nature of this profession, you have taken these challenges and turned them into opportunities for transforming how your communities function and excel. I am proud of the fact that ICMA’s critical work has helped you tackle the enormous challenges of the past year.

Marc A. Ott
Executive Director, ICMA