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Certificate Programs

Develop a Competitive Edge with ICMA’s Certificate Programs

Certificate programs are educational programs designed to train people for specific jobs with focus on the training needed to work in various areas.

ICMA’s certificate programs will help you acquire the specialized knowledge and skills you need to succeed in today’s changing work environment.

Current certificate offerings

Emerging Leaders Development Program

Career Stage: Early Career (New to the local government profession or within their first seven years of local government work)

Two-year Emerging Leaders Development Program (ELDP) featuring completion of the ICMA Essential Management Skills Certificate, a credentialed manager to serve as a career coach for two years, and Management Application Project participants design to demonstrate what they have learned.

Mid Career Managers Institute

Career Stage: Mid Career

The Mid Career Manager Institute’s (MCM) overall objective is to enhance and develop participants’ leadership abilities and effectiveness. This is accomplished by providing: broader understanding of their responsibilities as leaders; perspective on some of the critical leadership and management issues facing mid-career managers; and understanding and awareness of concepts and techniques relevant to local government management.

Local Government 101 Online Certificate Program

Career Stage: Early Career; Mid Career

Five-course (15-session) Local Government 101 online certificate program, featuring completion of the ICMA Professional Certificate in Local Government Management. This interactive program goes back to the basics – grounding local government professionals in those key skills and practices that are the foundation of becoming an effective local government manager. Taught by experienced managers and local government experts, this certificate program is designed to impart real-life experience, best practices, and sound advice in the areas most important to a manager’s day-to-day role.

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