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2016 Information

Institute Dates: 

October 30, 2016 - November 2, 2016

Registration Fee: $795 if you apply by May 30. After May 30, $895.


$250 of your fee is non-refundable now through July 15th.  After July 15th the full program fee is non-refundable.


Get ready to master the competencies of leadership when you become a citizen of Colonial Williamsburg. Engage for three days in a highly interactive leadership study that contrasts the core values of the U.S. Founders (who maintained continuity of purpose during times of civil unrest and social upheaval) with today’s turbulent times.

Leadership lessons begin as you talk with fellow citizen Thomas Jefferson, and continued with first-hand experiences, including time in George Wythe’s classroom of the political and cultural unrest as our nation was formed.


"The value to me was seeing the value tensions in City government and determining when there is time to compromise, reform, be a conservative, or satisficer. I was impressed by the storng convictions of the Patriots and their resolve to create a democratic government governed by the people."

--- Jim Patrick, City Manager, City of Storm Lake

"The focus on the creation of our nations representative democracy has impacted me greatly. Through the program I have come to the realization that the City has a great responsibility to provide the tools and information to citizens so that they have the opportunity to become good and active citizens. And I have come up with a half dozen activities and efforts that will be done to give our citizens to have more and better tools to be informed and involved in our local government."

--- Steve Lindner, City Administrator, City of De Witt


George Wythe_1                                     George Wythe

Between Patrick Henry’s “Give Me Liberty, or Give Me Death” speech in March 1775 and the surrender of British Troops to George Washington at Yorktown in October of 1781 a profound change occurred in the way Virginians and other Colonial Americans came to define themselves. The American Revolution turned from political debate to armed combat and the people of Williamsburg were compelled to make difficult choices that caused them to break ties with Great Britain, reshape their concept of citizenship, and define the bounds of democracy and republican forms of government.

On July 2, 1776, the Continental Congress voted for independence. Voting for independence was one thing: winning it was another. Great Britain was the foremost military power of the age and Virginia was one of thirteen fledgling states struggling just to survive.

As citizens of revolutionary times we will engage in conversations that extract the relevance of Williamsburg in the 1770s with what is happening in our communities today.  You will leave with a deeper appreciation and fresh perspective on change, civility, continuity, values, and leadership.



The Brick House

Registration fee: $895 ($795 for those applying by May 30, 2016) tuition per person. Registration fees include two dinners, two breakfasts, one lunch and a CWF Visitor Pass good for the length of your stay. ICMA members-registration is open! This fee does not include hotel.

Registration deadline: ICMA will accept applications until the program is full.   Successful candidates will be notified and confirmed as soon as payment is received. Payment in full should be made upon application.  Space is limited!   All ICMA members are welcome to apply.

Lodging: Attendees will stayed at the Brick House, 136 East Francis Street, Williamsburg, VA 23815, in the historic area of Colonial Williamsburg.  ICMA will arrange for the rooms at the Brick House, however each attendee is responsible for the $189/per night fee (plus tax). 

Getting to Williamsburg: If you are flying, the nearest airports are in Richmond, VA (45-minutes away) and Newport News, VA (25-minutes away).  No need to rent a car to get from the airport to Williamsburg.  You may book a shuttle ride through Tidewater Coach.

Professional development guidelines: This institute can help fulfill your annual professional development requirements as outlined in the guidelines for Tenet 8 of the ICMA Code of Ethics.

If you have questions, please e-mail Nedra James, Program Manager, Professional Development at njames@icma.org.

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The city of Williamsburg and to the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation

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