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Ask an Expert: Free Solar Support for Local Governments

ICMA is one of many organizations working with the Department of Energy, ICLEI-USA and others to provide technical assistance, education and knowledge resources on leading practices for stimulating the solar PV marketplace in your community.  As part of this project, four new services are available for you to tap.  With each service offered as part of the SunShot Solar OPS initiative, you'll get a level of access to solar expertise that is designed to fit your needs.  The contact information for each service is provided below.

 1. Ask a Solar Expert

The quickest way to tap the expertise of the SunShot Solar Outreach Partnership is through its “Ask an Expert” service, where our team of solar experts answers questions from local government staff and their stakeholders. Browse existing questions or submit a new one and the SunShot Solar Outreach Partnership Team will do their best to respond as soon as possible.  Submit your question

2. Networking and Support From Your Peers
Want to connect with a small group of municipal peers from other communities that are planning for solar as well those that have found creative approaches to getting solar installed? Members of the Solar Outreach Partnership facilitate these local government connections through regular conference calls and in-person exchanges. To find out more about enlisting peer support, contact the SunShot Solar OPs Team at

3. Individual Consultations for Local Governments

If your community has identified a specific need or barrier and is looking for guidance, SolarOPs may be able to provide assistance. This assistance may take the form of program or policy analysis, research support, a technical review of an RFP, market analysis, or assistance in designing a new solar incentive program. To learn more, email your request to

4. In-depth Assistance for State Governments

Assistance is also available through the SunShot initiative to state policymakers and their staff on policy related issues for solar technology deployment. Assistance such as policy evaluation and potential impact analysis can be completed by SunShot's network of technical assistance providers. To access the program, please email your request to

You can also find an abundant number of resources on the Knowledge Network topic page on solar energy.  

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