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HPO Self-Assessment Instrument Now Available. . .and FREE!

Thanks to the Commonwealth Centers for High Performance Organizations, we now have a comprehensive self-assessment instrument available (and free!) for local government managers who are interested in evaluating their organizations from a High Performance Organizations strategy standpoint.  This self-assessment asks questions about how your organization handles such critical work as development of strategic plans, the importance of mission/vision/values and a leadership philosophy to an organization, improved performance and measuring the results, leadership at all levels,  creating a positive work culture, the effective use of teams, and enhancing employee engagement.

 Now is your chance to take advantage of this free tool to examine your organization and see how the principles of High Performance Organization strategies can assist you and your organization in improving your performance!  And, don't hesitate to contact the Center for Management Strategies if you would like to learn more about this ICMA endorsed leading practice!

Take the HPO Self Assessment

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