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About ICMA Insights

ICMA, with more than 100 years of local government management expertise, has formed an unprecedented partnership with SAS®. the leading developer of performance analytics software, to develop ICMA Insights™, our cutting-edge performance management and analytics platform.

ICMA Insights brings together the best of both worlds, a customized product designed to meet the unique needs of city and county leaders, plus the very latest technology used by Fortune 500 companies worldwide.

Key Features

ICMA Insights offers a core set of well-defined and comparable input, output, and outcome measures on a dynamic software platform that allows communities to easily collect, clean, report, benchmark, and analyze their data.

Key features include:

  • A national comparative performance database that facilitates benchmarking and knowledge sharing
  • 900+ key measures centered on seven service clusters, such as public safety, public works, and internal services, as well as community attributes that affect comparability with other jurisdictions
  • Five service tiers, priced individually, that allow leaders to select the option that is most compatible with their objectives and budget
  • Integrated and understandable tables and graphics to help communicate performance metrics clearly to elected officials, citizens, and staff
  • Easy-to-use, self-paced online e-learning modules at no extra cost, with an option for onsite training
  • An online user group hosted on the Knowledge Network where participants can ask questions and share successful practices.


ICMA Insights offers these advantages:

  • Customization: ICMA Insights is customized for professional local government leaders and the communities they serve. The performance measures included were selected by local government practitioners and are supported by definitions based on real-world experience.
  • Flexibility: The tier-based structure offers flexibility. Communities just beginning performance measurement efforts can enroll at the "Measure" tier, which allows them to report and review their own performance data. At the other end of the spectrum, the "Transform" tier offers expanded access to data visualization tools, dynamic web publishing, and up to 10 custom measures unique to their local interests.
  • Comparability: Each community can report on the measures it considers most important and compare with other participating jurisdictions based on geographic location, population range, and/or service tier.
  • User Support: ICMA Insights is supported by training, professional development opportunities, and technical assistance to help communities create effective, efficient, and data-driven local governments. ICMA Insights staff and performance coaches provide advice and support, beginning with adoption and best start-up practices.
  • Knowledge Sharing: The ICMA Insights approach encourages communities to collaborate, share leading practices, and learn from a worldwide network of city and county leaders to improve the quality of life for their residents.


If you have questions, contact us at performanceanalytics@icma.org.

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