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Performance Management and Analytics

An Unprecedented Partnership

ICMA, with over 100 years of local government management expertise, partners with the leading developer of performance analytics software, SAS®. ICMA Insights™, our cutting-edge performance management and analytics platform, brings together the best of both worlds, a customized product designed to meet the unique needs of city and county managers and the very latest technology used by Fortune 500s across the world.

"Public managers seek greater insight into their organizations today more than ever before. ICMA Insights™, powered by SAS®, will reveal the knowledge to drive higher performance in any organization.”

Affordable, Comparable, and Scalable

By offering a core set of well-defined and comparable measures on a dynamic, world-class performance management and analytics platform, communities can easily collect, clean, report, benchmark, and analyze their data. In addition, ICMA Insights is built on tiers, meeting communities where they are to help them achieve a higher level of performance management and analytics within their operation.

  ICMA Insights™:

  • Provides more direct control over setting priorities and allocating resources, while providing greater transparency and stronger accountability to the communities you serve.

  • Encourages communities to collaborate, share, and learn best practices from a worldwide network of city and county leaders to improve the quality of life for their citizens.

  • Will be supported by training, professional development opportunities, and technical assistance to help communities create effective, efficient, and data-driven local governments.  

A Holistic Approach 

“You can think of the entire good-to-great framework as a generic set of input variables that correlate strongly with creating the outputs of greatness. Any journey from good to great requires relentlessly adhering to these input variables, rigorously tracking your trajectory on the output variables, and then driving yourself to even higher levels of performance and impact.”

—Jim Collins, Good to Great and the Social Sectors

Our cutting-edge performance management and analytics program includes 900 key input, output and outcome measures centered on seven service clusters.


Customized to meet the needs of professional local government leaders and the communities they serve, ICMA Insights will provide greater insight for professional local government managers and elected officials into their organizations through data collection, comparative metrics, and advanced analytic tools.


Service tiers and pricing

Five tier levels offer options to meet a variety of performance needs and budgets.

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Contact Us

To sign up for a free product demonstration or request more information, click here or e-mail performanceanalytics@ICMA.org.

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