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Our Services

Performance management provides more direct control over setting priorities and allocating resources, while encouraging greater transparency and stronger accountability to the communities you serve.

The ICMA Center for Performance Analytics is dedicated to demonstrating the performance dividend of professional local government management by disseminating research and effective management practices; offering training, education, and professional development opportunities; and providing technical assistance to help communities achieve higher levels of performance.

Disseminating Research and Effective Practices

The Center advances the practice of local government management by identifying successful approaches and programs and sharing findings from academic and private-sector research.

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Based on reported data, we develop and disseminate case studies through ICMA publications, the Performance Management blog, the Knowledge Network (KN), and other outreach vehicles. The Performance Management and Analytics topic page on the KN is a one-stop shop for documents, articles, discussion groups, and other resources.

Each year, through the Certificates in Performance Management program, we recognize jurisdictions for their accomplishments, including exemplary data collection and verification, internal organizational leadership, and transparency through public reporting of data.

Education, Professional Development, and Training

The ICMA for Performance Analytics maintains a leading-edge curriculum on a wide range of performance management topics and provides comprehensive online training for Insights participants. And our publication Getting Started: A Performance Measurement Handbook is tailored specifically for cities and counties.

ICMA staff offer complimentary programs for state association meetings and national conferences and provide educational and information-sharing opportunities at ICMA’s annual conference. Sessions cover the range of performance management topics—from the basics to the use of advanced analytics for the assessment and improvement of performance.

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