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Effective Supervisory Skill Building Study Guide

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The Effective Supervisory Skill Building Study Guide provides review questions, worksheets, and learning activities to supplement the concepts and practices covered in the fifth edition of Effective Supervisory Practices: Better Results Through Teamwork, also published by ICMA. Together the study guide and book comprise a “course” designed to help both new and experienced supervisors become more skilled and successful at their jobs. It offers a framework for improving supervisory practices, supporting professional development, and ensuring high-quality public service. 

The Effective Supervisory Practices Skill Building course (study guide and book) helps

  • Broaden understanding of the roles and responsibilities of today’s local government supervisors
  • Connect theories of supervisory practice to real-life situations
  • Encourage thoughtful discussion among practicing supervisors to increase learning
  • Build confidence among supervisors by applying what is learned in the classroom to the day-to-day challenges of the job.

BEST BUY: We recommend purchasing the textbook and study guide together; for a description of this course offering, see Effective Supervisory Skill Building Training Course.

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