ICMA Publications / PM Magazine / July 2014

Onboarding a New Hire

Doing it right from the get-go

by Richard Fursman

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Mary Hurliman

Mary Hurliman said

Richard - Thank you for this great article. I look forward to referring to this article when I take on my first executive position!

Robert Joseph

Robert Joseph said

I agree with Mary. This is a comprehensive and well-written article that accounts for much of what will set the tone for council, manager and staff expectations and behavior. This article can be helpful to new and seasoned managers alike and parts of it may be used to onboard newly elected councilors and newly hired department heads. Working together with purity of intent does not guarantee, but is a very good first step towards creating a real community.

Richard Fursman

Thank you Mary and Robert. I am glad you found the article helpful! If I can be of any help when you transition, let me know. Best to you both.

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