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Become an ICMA Author

Make a lasting contribution to professional management in local government - become an ICMA author.

ICMA has established a reputation as the authoritative publisher of materials on local government. Our publications are distributed internationally to practitioners and students. As an ICMA author, you get

  • The opportunity to reach a wide audience through a well-known and highly respected publisher
  • Access to ICMA's resources (data, illustrations, examples, contacts)
  • The help of professional editors who specialize in local government
  • Marketing expertise
  • The opportunity to make a lasting contribution to professional management in local government.


ICMA publishes for local government practitioners, including managers, assistant managers, and department heads, as well as for students of public administration.

Subject Areas

ICMA publishes books, reports, and articles on:

  • General local government management
  • Finance and budgeting
  • Human resources
  • Technology and telecommunications
  • Public safety (police services, fire services, and emergency management)
  • Local government services
  • Service contracting and service sharing
  • Planning and community development
  • Sustainability, including economic development and capital budgeting
  • Leadership, community engagement, and ethics
  • Supervisory practices.

We welcome proposals on any of these topics as well as their subcategories – such as strategic planning, capital improvements, productivity, emergency medical services, and use of social media in local government.


In response to member preference for focused content that is fast to read and actionable, ICMA is currently publishing pieces that are generally no more than 30 pages long and often fewer than 16 pages. Although there are exceptions to every rule, the goal is to offer members short publications that are helpful and offer a fresh perspective or innovative solution.

Guidance for authors

Information about ICMA's style and other preferences is available in the ICMA Writing Guidelines. You will need an Adobe reader to view this document. Download the reader here and follow the instructions.

How to Submit

publication Proposals

ICMA welcomes proposals for several kinds of publications:

  • Short reports called InFocus reports are written to help managers, assistant managers, and department heads implement programs or resolve management issues. They provide practical information that can be applied to local situations.
  • E-cases for use by students and practitioners present real-life dilemmas that provide an opportunity for practitioners and students to think through “sticky” scenarios by grappling with important decisions about issues managers face daily. E-cases provide background material, succinctly state the case, lay out the decision challenge, and offer questions for discussion.
  • E-books offer experience-based, how-to information. If the e-book is about a program, it is a "how to" manual or guide; if it is about an issue, it explains concepts and discusses the opportunities and pitfalls associated with various approaches.

Your proposal should include the following:

  • A cover letter (see specifics below)
  • A short outline summarizing chapter contents
  • A current curriculum vitae.

Please do not submit a completed manuscript. In your cover letter, please address each of the following questions:

  1. What is the working title of your publication?
  2. What is the overall purpose of the publication?
  3. Who is the intended audience? How will the publication benefit members of this audience?
  4. Are there competing publications in the same topic area? If so, what makes yours different or unique? What would make your intended readers buy your publication instead of other books available?
  5. How short (in number of words) can your publication be? What would be its maximum length (in number of words)?
  6. Will it include illustrations of any kind (tables, charts, drawings, or photographs)?
  7. When would you anticipate completing the first draft?

Send your proposal to:

Ann Mahoney
Director, ICMA Publications
E-mail: amahoney@icma.org
Mail: ICMA, 777 N. Capitol Street, NE, Suite 500, Washington, D.C. 20002-4201

Article proposals

Public Management

Public Management, ICMA's monthly member magazine, publishes short articles on current topics of interest to local government managers. Public Management welcomes contributions from all parts of the world. Contributors are advised to review the  Editorial Guidelines for Public Management and consult past issues of Public Management before submitting articles. 

Send articles intended for publication in ICMA's member magazine Public Management directly to:

Beth Payne
Editor, PM Magazine
Fax: 202-962-3500
Mail: ICMA, 777 N. Capitol Street, NE, Suite 500, Washington, D.C. 20002-4201
E-mail: bpayne@icma.org

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