NACA Idea Exchange - September 22, 2013

Sep 22 2013
Hynes Convention Center, Boston, Massachusetts - Room 206
ICMA Annual Conference

Join your county colleagues for a high energy exchange of ideas on county management issues.

Join us for this traditional exchange of ideas,challenges, and solutions at the ICMA Annual Conference.

NACA / National Association of County Administrators Idea Exchange

Sunday, September 22; 12:45-2:45 p.m., (Hynes Convention Center, Room 206)

The National Association of County Administrators will host an idea exchange--an informal roundtable discussion for county administrators to discuss issues that are important to county governance.


  • Fiscal Neutrality (Randall Reid, Sarasota County, FL / via NACA-NACo Listserv)
  • Process improvement (i.e. has your organization participated in any process improvement effort either through internal review or with help from an external consultant or facilitator (Mary Furtado, Catawba County, NC)
  • Affordable care act; tax implications; wellness programs, financial incentives for participating in wellness programs (Pete Austin, McHenry County, IL; Shannon Flanagan-Watson, Arlington County, VA; Jeff Greene, El Paso County, CO)
  • IT Enterprise Fund in Cumberland County; any other community examples? (Peter Crichton, Cumberland County, ME)
  • Public sector role in extension of internet cable (Peter Austin, McHenry County, IL)
  • Shared / regional services – success factors, examples of positive community outcomes
  • Successful strategies for drawing the private sector into community redevelopment efforts – how have you secured private sector “skin in the game”? 
  • Succession planning in preparation for the “silver tsunami” of baby boom retirements  and / or institutional knowledge capture strategies to ensure organizational continuity when key staff members leave
  • Diffusing community incivility – discussion of successful techniques / tactics / local governments’ role

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