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Expertise & Capabilities


As responsibility shifts from the national to the local level in many countries, ICMA has the expertise to strengthen local capacity.

Water and Sanitation Services

Providing a reliable supply of potable water and a functional sanitation system are basic local government services. ICMA has substantial experience and extensive resources that have been applied to the development and management of water and sanitation services worldwide.

Solid Waste and Environmental Management

Local governments around the world are recognizing the need to address systemic, and often severe, urban solid waste and environmental problems--problems that must be solved if cities are to prosper economically and socially in the twenty-first century. ICMA helps them meet this challenge.

Disaster Risk Reduction, Preparedness, and Recovery

Earthquakes, tsunamis, and hurricanes occur in all parts of the world. ICMA has provided leadership in helping jurisdictions mitigate, prepare for, and recover from natural disasters.

Climate Adaptation and Mitigation

Climate change affects the sustainability of coastal communities, agricultural production, water supplies, and urban livability. ICMA provides assistance in adaptation and mitigation to communities worldwide.

Financial Management and Revenue Generation

Sound financial management, including the generation of revenue, is fundamental to a municipality’s success. Without it, service levels can’t be measured, losses can’t be accounted for, citizens can’t be accurately informed about service costs, and leaders can’t assess staff performance or justify tough decisions to citizens. ICMA has worked at both the national and local levels worldwide to foster changes in financial policies and improvements in financial management practice.

Local Economic Development and Competitiveness

Providing an environment in which private-sector jobs can be created or maintained at the local and regional levels is a critical and often underappreciated role of local governments. ICMA has worked with municipalities in the United States and internationally to develop strategies that allow them to compete for business in a local, national, regional, and global environment.

Crime Prevention and Public Safety

Crime prevention requires joint efforts by the police and other community actors to address conditions that foster crime. ICMA has been a leader in promoting community-oriented approaches to crime and violence prevention.

Performance Management

Local government professionals are increasingly pressed to demonstrate sound management decision making and resource allocation. Performance management is a commonly used method to quantify and improve performance and to engage citizens and other stakeholders. ICMA is a leader in the development and effective use of performance measurement and management systems.

Women and Gender

Gender awareness and opportunities for women constitute an important component of ICMA's international programs, particularly in traditional societies.


Young people represent a significant--and often under-recognized--resource for their communities. ICMA has incorporated youth initiatives into its programming, particularly in conflict-prone areas.

Transparency and Anti-Corruption

Combating corruption by enhancing transparency at the local level is fundamental to providing efficient and effective services to citizens and increasing their trust in government. ICMA is a leader in fostering transparent governance.

Public Engagement

By involving citizens in priority setting and decision making, a local government increases its legitimacy and accountability. ICMA has employed an array of techniques to increase public engagement.

Association Development

Associations enable their members to unite their efforts toward common goals. ICMA has helped develop the capacity of local government and professional associations on five continents.

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