In past performance, ICMA

  • Implemented a Municipal Finance and Budgeting Program that improved finance and budgeting practices and procedures, and assisted cities in preparing model budget documents to more effectively manage their resources and inform citizens how funds were being spent.
  • Implemented a public/private partnership demonstration project that showed private developers and municipal officials how to structure joint-venture housing development projects.
  • Organized, with the National League of Cities, a regional meeting for leaders of municipal associations in Romania and other Central and Eastern European countries to share experiences and prospects for local self-government.
  • Facilitated city-to-city partnerships under the Resource Cities program between (1) Timisoara, Romania, and Cincinnati, Ohio, and (2) Pitesti, Romania, and Springfield, Ohio.
  • Assisted the cities of Brasov and Focsani to develop cost-effective and practical computerized information systems.
  • Assisted Oradea, Brasov, Craiova, Focsani, and Constanta to help them improve their water distribution, wastewater, and solid waste services.

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