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ICMA International combines the experience of local government practitioners with that of experienced international experts to design, implement, and evaluate municipal development and management projects worldwide.

Since 1989, ICMA International has leveraged the experience of local government practitioners and experienced international experts to further the ICMA mission to create excellence in local governance worldwide. ICMA International has successfully designed, implemented, and evaluated countless international projects in more than 60 countries, establishing a solid reputation for its practical, hands-on approach to meeting global challenges.

Our global reach is enhanced by

How we work

ICMA International prides itself on resolving global challenges through solutions that are informed by and adapted to local conditions and circumstances through collaboration with local partners. ICMA does this by actively

  • Promoting professional development in all forms of local and sub-national government and utilizing a "training of trainers" approach to expand the reach and ensure the sustainability of professional development activities
  • Providing technical assistance to local government professionals and supporters to improve their skills, increase their knowledge, and strengthen their commitment to the ethics, values, and ideals of the profession as it evolves in their local context
  • Serving as a resource for the collection and dissemination of information, including innovative local government practices to facilitate replication.

Our approaches include capacity building, partnerships, and knowledge sharing.

Capacity Building

ICMA International provides the technical and management assistance, training, and knowledge to create real, lasting change in communities around the world. ICMA is dedicated to a hands-on, practical approach based on proven management techniques; inclusive, democratic processes; and sound policy analysis. We work not only with local government leaders, professionals, and staff, but also with national government officials and civil society to support comprehensive and sustainable change.

ICMA uniquely draws on its membership of 9,000 local government management professionals to apply their practical knowledge and expertise. Our members, consultants, and staff create programs in-country as well as in the United States, based on the needs of the recipients to meet their local challenges.

ICMA International shares knowledge and builds skills through training and professional development for government officials and service delivery managers and staff. Using its "learning by doing" approach, ICMA has developed the capacity of government leaders and employees to manage the delivery of efficient, effective public services.


ICMA International is committed to peer exchange and partnerships that encourage sharing and replication of leading practices in the local government sector. ICMA members facilitate working relationships with many U.S. cities committed to supporting urban development internationally through the ICMA CityLinks™ program, which has its roots in Resource Cities and other twinning programs. Partnerships and peer exchange are an integral part of our technical assistance and training and reflect our hands-on approach to problem solving and learning.

Since 1989, ICMA has facilitated countless partnerships that have brought together leading practitioners from U.S. local governments and local government associations with their counterparts in developing and decentralizing countries.

Knowledge Sharing

ICMA is a founding partner in the Knowledge Network (KN), an online community of local government professionals worldwide. ICMA Internationsl promotes the use of the KN for the collection and dissemination of rich content, the exchange of ideas and best practices through social networking, and the advancement of a global perspective on improving local government operations.

Making a Difference

ICMA International has a successful track record of introducing sound management practices to local governments, municipal associations, nongovernmental organizations, national ministries, and agencies in developing and decentralizing countries throughout the world. 

Because our expertise and experience are informed by and adapted to local conditions and circumstances through collaboration with local partners, our projects result in appropriate, sustainable approaches that increase the standard of services delivered and enhance citizen participation in local government affairs.

We have made a difference in the lives and livelihoods of people around the world by introducing improvements in local service delivery and developing the capacity of local staff to plan and manage services—while promoting transparency and efficiency in government processes and practices. Success stories show the results achieved through our projects.

Employment and Volunteer Opportunities

ICMA International provides career opportunities for international development specialists—and short-term pro-bono opportunities for local government subject-matter experts. We also provide opportunities for members and others who have no previous international experience to prepare themselves for international assignments.

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