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Survey Research and Practice

ICMA is your trusted resource for a range of local government survey research needs.

ICMA works with local governments to accomplish the following research activities:

Identify current programs and practices

ICMA identifies concerns of immediate importance to local governments and conducts surveys to provide useful data, information, and expert analysis to local decision makers, while maintaining an extensive database representing all city, town, township, village, and boroughs with populations of 2,500 or greater; and all counties. 

Provide surveying technical assistance to local governments 

ICMA offers the National Citizen Survey, a cost-effective citizen survey service for local governments, The National Employee Survey, a comprehensive survey of employees that covers 10 dimensions of the employee experience, or the Community Assessment Survey for Older Adults, a unique scientific survey of older adults’ perceptions about their communities and future needs. ICMA offers these surveys in partnership with the National Research Center, Inc.

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