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White Papers

The ICMA Executive Board directed the organization's Governmental Affairs and Policy Committee (GAPC) to produce annual policy white papers, depending on resources available and the topics that require a managerial perspective.  ICMA and the GAPC select key policy issues to which ICMA members bring an important perspective and produce white papers on these issues for general release to ICMA membership, other Big 7 organizations, and the general public.

ICMA's Policy Papers

Other White Papers

ICMA and The Obama Presidential Transition Team

ICMA  presented the following documents to the Obama Presidential Transition Team:

  • Local Government's Vital Role in National Economic Recovery
    This position paper was presented to the Obama Presidential Transition Team on 12/15/2008 and explains the vital role that local governments can play in implementing an Obama Administration economic stimulus plan.  NACo and NLC joined ICMA in support of this paper.
  • A Proposal for an Intergovernmental Policy Council 
    This proposal was created by ICMA and presented to the Obama Presidential Transition Team with the support of NACo and NLC.  The proposal outlines ideas on how to rebuild the intergovernmental partnership between the federal, state, and local governments.



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