A Public Awareness Campaign

Life, Well Run is ICMA’s campaign to raise awareness of the role professional local government managers play in building communities we're proud to call home.

These managers play a pivotal role in making local government and the services it provides more effective, efficient, ethical, and transparent.

Yet, perhaps because managers are so good at what they do and shun the limelight, some elected officials may not fully appreciate their professionalism, and many in the public are unaware the job even exists.


These factors, combined with demographics -- the baby boomer managers who were inspired to public service by President John F. Kennedy have begun to retire -- have formed the perfect storm for professional management.

We must act now to ensure the future of the profession, to make sure there are qualified professionals to serve the residents of this country’s cities, towns, and counties.

nationally Focused Effort!

Through social media, print ads, and other media efforts,  Life, Well Run messages target elected officials, business and civic leaders, and students, and drives them to the Life, Well Run website where they can access resources promoting the value of professional local government management. 

CAMPaign resources

We have developed resources for state associations and members and information about the campaign, as well as resources that share our messages with elected officials and business leaders. There are also resources for teachers to use with high school and college students.

In addition to advertising and developing campaign resources, we have made improvements to the Life, Well Run website, where we share resources and information about the campaign, and where we showcase community success stories from professional local government managers and community heroes, staff members who work with managers to deliver Life, Well Run.  Visit lifewellrun@icma.org.


Please email lifewellrun@icma.org with any questions on the use of these materials. 

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