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The Fund's History

ICMA established the Fund for Professional Management in 1985 as a way for members to contribute to promoting and sustaining the local government profession.

ICMA’s Fund for Professional Management (formerly the Endowment Fund) was established in 1985 to advocate and promote the council-manager form and professional local government management. ICMA Fund dollars are used to support efforts to promote efficient, effective, and ethical management of local government in the following ways. 

Form of Government Campaigns

Since its inception, the ICMA Fund for Professional Management has supported form of government campaigns by providing financial assistance to community-based efforts to adopt or retain the council-manager form of government and professional local government management.

General Advocacy Programs

The ICMA Fund uses donations to underwrite the development and distribution of civic education materials. 

Life, Well Run Campaign

In 2012, ICMA launched a pilot version of its Life, Well Run campaign to raise awareness of and an appreciation for the value professional managers bring to building ethical, efficient, and effective local governments and the great communities we’re proud to call home. The campaign has established a  fundraising goal of $5 million from individual members and the private sector. The national campaign launched in summer 2013.  

For more information about the ICMA Fund for Professional Management, contact fund@icma.org.