Eighty-four Percent of Local Governments Have a Social Media Presence


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According to results of ICMA’s recent Digital Use Survey conducted in September and October 2013, 84% of responding local governments have a social media presence. This high usage is also reflected in the articles and documents on the social media topic on the Knowledge Network. The high use of social media by the public in general provides local governments with expanded communication opportunities.

The survey was conducted to give ICMA direction in its development of digital products, such as e-pubs and apps. Results show that 84% of respondents use a smartphone, and 75% use the smartphone for both business and pleasure. Fifty-percent of survey respondents use their smartphone more than five times a day to access the Internet. This is an increase of 10 percentage points since 2012. Eighty-eight percent access apps on their smartphone, and almost 50% indicated they would use an ICMA comprehensive app that would include PM magazine, the Knowledge Network, and other ICMA content.

The survey was sent to all ICMA members and nonmembers with an e-mail address on file with ICMA. A summary report is available in the Knowledge Network.


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