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Join us for this two-day professional development and information-sharing event that will bring together current and past state leadership, as well as future leaders of the profession. Don’t miss this opportunity to participate in an ICMA University workshop, discuss ICMA issues and programs, provide feedback to the ICMA Executive Board and staff, and network with your colleagues in the region.

ICMA University Workshop

ICMA -- Great by Choice!

The Decade of Local Government and the Twenty-Mile March

Join Bob O’Neill, ICMA executive director, and colleagues for a discussion of Jim Collins’ Twelve Questions for Leadership Teams as outlined at the 98th ICMA Annual Conference in Phoenix, Maricopa County/Arizona.

Among other issues, we will ponder the application of these concepts to local govenment:

  • The twenty mile march
  • Bullets to cannonballs
  • Productive paranoia
  • Increasing return on luck.

Participants should review the 12 Questions, read Great by Choice, and come ready for a conversation that includes examples of how they apply the ideas in Great by Choice to effective local governments today and in the next decade.

At the regional meetings, Bob will be joined by Felicia Logan, ICMA director of leadership development and panelists from each region  for a thought-provoking and capacity-building ICMA University workshop based on the work of Jim Collins and his book, Great by Choice:

Discussion Leaders Panel:

SE:  Peggy Merriss, city manager, Decatur, GA; Tom Lundy, county manager, Catawba, NC; and Simon Farbrother, city manager, Edmonton, AB, Canada

NE:  Kate Fitzpatrick, town manager, Needham, MA; and Simon Farbrother, city manager, Edmonton, AB, Canada

MW:  Mike Baker, deputy village manager, Downers Grove, IL; Milton Dohoney, city manager, Cincinnati, OH; and Simon Farbrother, city manager, Edmonton, AB, Canada

MP:  Bill Buchanan, county manager, Sedgwick, KS; and Mario Canizares, deputy city manager, Coppell, TX 

WC: Charlie Bush, deputy city administrator, Issaquah, WA; Betsy Fretwell, city manager, Las Vegas, NV; and Simon Farbrother, city manager, Edmonton, AB, Canada

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Southeast Region

March 7-8

February 3

February 28

Northeast Region

March 21-22

February 20 March 14

Midwest Region

April 4-5

March 13

March 29

West Coast Region

April 18-19

March 26

Apr 11

Mountain Plains Region

May 2-3

Apr 10

Apr 25

*Same deadlines apply to YPLI and Mid Career Managers Institutes

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