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Buxton Increases Commitment, Connection to ICMA

Contact: Michele Frisby, Dir., Public Information;, 202-962-3658

WASHINGTON, D.C.—ICMA, the International City/County Management Association announces that longtime partner Buxton, a leader in customer analytics and growth strategies across numerous industries, has increased its commitment to providing ICMA members with educational and thought leadership content by moving to the newly created Presidential Level of the ICMA Strategic Partners Program.

As part of its new agreement, Buxton will present a webinar, “A City's Guide to 2017 Retail Real Estate Trends,” for ICMA members and other individuals with an interest in local government on Wednesday, February 22, at 1:00pm EST. Participants will examine the state of the retail real estate market, key retail trends that influence real estate decisions, and ways communities can respond to current market dynamics. The webinar will also highlight how the city of Moberly, Missouri, developed a successful retail recruitment strategy.

“We are very excited that Buxton will be providing valuable economic and community development content directly to our members,” said ICMA Executive Director Marc Ott. “A strong retail presence is essential to the growth our local economies and correspondingly the effective delivery of services to the residents of our communities. Buxton is an expert in attracting the kind of retail businesses that enrich and enliven local communities. Our enhanced partnership provides them with an opportunity to share this knowledge with ICMA members.” 

“Buxton and ICMA have been strategic partners for several years, and we are excited to expand and continue this relationship,” said Buxton Senior Vice President Cody Howell. “Many communities today are seeking advice on how to develop effective retail recruitment strategies and make data-driven local government decisions. Buxton looks forward to providing ICMA members with practical insights in these areas.”

ICMA created its Strategic Partners Program in 1996 as an access point for private sector participation in association programs and activities. ICMA Strategic Partners help professional local government managers and their staffs by showcasing leading practice solutions and providing thought leadership.

About ICMA
ICMA, the International City/County Management Association advances professional local government management worldwide. Our mission is to create excellence in local governance by developing and advancing professional management to create sustainable communities that improve lives worldwide. ICMA provides member support; publications; data and information; peer and results-oriented assistance; and training and professional development to more than 11,000 city, town, and county experts and other individuals and organizations throughout the world. The management decisions made by ICMA's members affect millions of individuals living in thousands of communities, from small villages and towns to large metropolitan areas.

About Buxton
Buxton is the industry leader in customer analytics. Our analytics reveal who your customers are, where more potential customers are located and the value of each customer. More than 3,500 clients in the retaiPl, restaurant, healthcare, private equity, and public sectors have relied on our insights to guide their growth strategies. Buxton has helped more than 750 communities locate or expand 40 million square feet of retail space. Our analytics have also aided funding decisions for libraries and other public services, as well as targeted tourism campaigns. For more information, visit

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