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ICMA works closely with all state associations through its ICMA Liaison program. Learn more about linkages between your state association and ICMA.

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ICMA maintains close ties to state-based associations of local government professionals through its dedicated state liaison program. During 2009, ICMA launched an initiative to more closely align its work and measure progress over time. Formal affiliation agreements (ICMA & State Association Affiliation Agreement Template) between state associations and ICMA will offer a tool for documenting where and how we work together, and how we can build on key strategic initiatives of mutual benefit.  To date, 42 of the 43 state associations of local government professionals have finalized these affiliation agreements, setting specific goals in collaboration with ICMA. (ICMA-State Affiliation Agreements as of April 2013).

ICMA-State Affiliation Agreements: Frequently Asked Questions.

Challenging economic times compel us to work efficiently, complement one another's efforts, and share resources. The affiliation agreement initiative is framed around priorities in the 2008 ICMA Strategic Plan. These include:

  • Leadership
  • Professional Development
  • Knowledge Sharing
  • Membership Engagement and Support.


ICMA and state associations will collaborate on promoting and celebrating the highest ethical standards of professional behavior, and promotion and defense of the council/manager form of government. Joint professional development activities will underscore a commitment to lifelong learning. Through advances in technology, ICMA and state associations can more effectively gather and share information, so that together we become the preeminent source of information about leadership and management of local government. ICMA is committed to highlighting to all local government professionals the value of belonging to their respective state association and to ICMA.


A key link between ICMA and our state affiliates, is our collaboration on the Life, Well Run campaign which seeks to raise awareness of the role professional local government managers play in building communities we're proud to call home.  ICMA recognizes these generous donors for their cumulative giving to the Fund for Professional Management, which includes the Life, Well Run Campaign.

Professional Development

ICMA also works closely with state association staff to assist with state conference program planning, ensure ICMA leadership representation at state meetings, and support the network of state staff in association management practices.

If you have information about programs supported by your state association that may be of interest to others, please send them to your ICMA liaison. (Click "Leadership / Liaison Directory" at right to find the name of the liaison for your state.)

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