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Online Membership Renewal

We appreciate your continued support of professional local government management and thank you for choosing to renew your ICMA membership.

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Welcome back! If your rmembership lasped and you wish to be reinstated, please call us at: 800-745-8780 or 202-962-3680 (in Washington DC).

Payment Options

The online dues renewal option is available only for credit card payments (Visa, Mastercard, and American Express). The online tool will walk you through a series of screens, prompting you to confirm your current name, title, employer, and address information and to input your payment information. Note that if you are renewing on behalf of an ICMA member, you must log in using the member's e-mail address and password.

If you plan to submit your dues payment via check or money order, mail payment and dues invoice to: ICMA Membership Renewals, PO Box 79403, Baltimore, MD 21279-0403. This address is a bank lockbox and should be used for payments only. Mailed payments should include a copy of your membership invoice to ensure proper credit to your membership. If you or your office have already cut a check for dues payment, you do not need to renew online.

Purchase orders are not considered payment. ICMA recognizes that many local governments require a signed purchase order to process payment. Send purchase orders to the ICMA Finance Department for signature.

If you want to mail any other type of information to the organization, send it to: ICMA; 777 N Capitol Street, NE, Suite 500; Washington, DC 20002.

General Membership and Dues Information

As a professional association, ICMA membership belongs to the individual, not the organization. Therefore, membership may not be transferred from one person to another. ICMA will not provide a dues refund if a member leaves current employment. ICMA membership travels with you throughout career advancements, between jobs, and into retirement.

Contact Member Services if you would like to join ICMA, establish a new membership for a colleague, or have questions about ICMA membership services, benefits, and rights.

Members in Transition

If you are a local government chief administrative officer or assistant chief administrative officer and are fired or forced to resign your position in local government and are "in transition ," ICMA will waive your membership dues for a specific period while you seek another position in local government. To receive a waiver, contact Member Services. Staff will also advise you on other options and special services available to members “in transition.”

Change in Position

If you accept a position in another sector or retire from full-time employment, you may continue your ICMA membership. Call or e-mail Member Services to find out the appropriate fee for your membership renewal.

Voluntary Contributions to the ICMA Fund for Professional Management and Life, Well Run Campaign

We appreciate your dedication to excellence in local governance. As you are renewing your membership dues, consider making a contribution to the ICMA Fund for Professional Management (formerly the Endowment Fund) and/or the Life, Well Run campaign.

The Fund performs three types of work:

  • Defending and supporting council-manager government
  • Strengthening or extending the capacity of professional managers to do their work
  • Supporting educational initiatives to help citizens understand the role of professional management in local government.

The Life, Well Run campaign is motivated by four main factors:

  • There is a persistent lack of awareness of the value and role of professional loval government managers
  • Demographic shifts highlight the need to attract new managers to the profession
  • As federal resources and funding dries up there will be increased pressure on local governments to provide high-quality services to their citizens
  • ICMA's upcoming 100th anniversary provides an opportunity to draw attention to and showcase the profession.

As a convenience, you may submit your contribution to the Fund along with your renewal payment. Contributions to the Fund are federally deductible as a charitable contribution. Additionally, if you would like to donate to the Life, Well Run campaign, please click here.

Contact Information

Contact ICMA Member Services Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. U.S. Eastern Time:

  • Address: ICMA Member Services; 777 N Capitol Street, NE, Suite 500; Washington, DC 20002
  • Phone: 202/962-3680
  • Fax: 202/962-3565 ATTN: Member Services
  • E-mail: membership@icma.org

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