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ICMA Member Task Forces, Advisory Groups, and Committees

ICMA is seeking volunteers for the STRATEGIC PLANNING TASK FORCE.

This task force is responsible for developing an actionable strategic plan that describes the organization's strategies for achieving its vision and mission and how they should be implemented. Deadline for application submission is March 2.  For more details and to apply, click here.

ICMA Member Task Forces, Advisory Groups, and Committees are a great opportunity for member participation, connection, and networking.

The ICMA Executive Board usually considers whether to establish new task forces or committees at its February board meeting. Members are encouraged to volunteer in the spring, and appointments are made by the president-elect in June. New groups usually start their work at the annual conference in the fall.

Task Forces

Task forces have specific assignments, work with defined deadlines (one to three years), and are composed of one group of members for the duration.

Advisory Boards

The executive director will periodically appoint advisory groups to assist with key initiatives.


ICMA committees are primarily those with delegated decision-making authority from the board. They have advisory roles and are ongoing, with staggered terms of members who serve.  

2014 Conference Evaluation Committee 

The Conference Evaluation Committee evaluates the ICMA Annual Conference. The 2014 committee will meet twice in Charlotte: Sunday, Sept. 14, 10:30-11:45 a.m. and Wednesday, Sept. 17, 1:00-2:30 p.m. Committee members are appointed for a term of one year.

2015 Conference Planning Committee

The Conference Planning Committee plans the ICMA Annual Conference. The 2015 committee, which will plan ICMA's 101st Annual Conference in Seattle/King County, Washington, will have an orientation meeting on Tuesday, Sept. 16, 2014, during this year’s conference in Charlotte, North Carolina. The committee’s main meeting will be held in Seattle beginning at 5:00 p.m. on Friday, November 14, 2014, and adjourning by noon on Sunday, November 16. Committee members are appointed for a term of one year.

Advisory Board on Graduate Education

The Advisory Board on Graduate Education (ABGE) is a member group that meets jointly with professors of public administration for the purpose of enhancing the education of future local government management professionals. ABGE members are appointed by ICMA's executive director and work hand-in-hand with NASPAA's Local Government Management Education Committee, through three subcommittees: Managers as Faculty, Filling the Pipeline, and MPA Programs. ABGE members have created a number of useful tools for improving the education of future managers. The ABGE meets annually at the ICMA conference on Sunday morning and holds conference calls throughout the year.

Awards Evaluation Panel 

The Local Government Excellence Awards Committee evaluates the nominations to ICMA's Annual Awards Program and selects the recipients of the Professional and Program Excellence Awards, which are conferred at each year's annual conference. Seventeen members, representing each of ICMA's six regions and including several at-large positions, serve on the panel for three-year terms. The panel meets Sunday morning of the annual conference and participates in one or two conference calls per year. 

Governmental Affairs and Policy Committee

The Governmental Affairs and Policy Committee oversees federal and state policy issues and reports back to membership and the board. Given the committee's ongoing role and the value of maintaining some continuity in the committee's membership; one-third of the committee's membership changes each year. Members are typically appointed for two- or three-year terms. The committee meets Sunday morning of the ICMA Annual Conference.

ICMA Welcome Ambassadors

This program utilizes ICMA’s best resource--its current members--to welcome new members to the community. The Welcome Ambassadors’ goal is to provide meaningful, peer-to-peer outreach to members who have recently joined ICMA, with a focus on U.S. members serving in local government. This committee is ideal for members who have a passion for the profession, a desire to help new members discover the value of their ICMA membership, and who want to expand their own professional network by interacting with dozens of new members over the course of the year. Members are asked to:

  • Commit to serve for one year (with the option for renewal) starting in January 2015.
  • Contact two to four members per month by e-mail (possibly with a follow-up phone call).
  • Provide monthly feedback to ICMA, including what the needs of the new members are, with an eye toward continually improving the process with which we welcome new members into the ICMA community.

International Committee

The ICMA International Committee serves as an advisory body to the ICMA Executive Board on a range of international matters and carries out an annual charge as defined and described by the board. The committee also works to communicate the value of having an international perspective to other members of the association, state organizations, and others. The committee consists of individual ICMA members, as well as one representative from each of ICMA’s international affiliate organizations. The committee meets Sunday at the annual conference and in the spring jointly with one of ICMA's international affiliate organizations as part of an International Regional Summit. The spring meeting focuses on professional exchange and contribution to the international knowledge base. Committee members are appointed for a term of one, two, or three years.

Knowledge Network Advisory Board

As the premier platform for professional networking and knowledge sharing in local government, the Knowledge Network is a major ICMA member benefit and a valuable resource for the profession. The Knowledge Network Advisory Board will influence the growth of the network by identifying the knowledge-sharing needs of local government professionals and providing feedback on the current member experience. Advisory board members will also serve as leaders in the Knowledge Network community by making active contributions in their areas of expertise and encouraging colleagues to do the same. The board will meet quarterly: once in person at the annual conference, and the others virtually. 

Sustainable Communities Advisory Committee               

ICMA’s Sustainable Communities Advisory Committee will support the advancement of more sustainable, livable, and resilient communities by:

  • Promoting sustainability as a best practice of local government and a core competency of city and county management.
  • Serving  as advisors, partners, peer-to-peer mentors, and advocates for creating more sustainable communities.
  • Assisting ICMA in expanding its portfolio of grant-funded sustainability initiatives.

The full Sustainable Communities Advisory Committee will meet in person annually at ICMA’s annual conference and quarterly by conference call. Additionally, the committee, as well as subcommittees, will meet as needed for project specific purposes.

Task Force on Strengthening Inclusiveness within the Profession

The ICMA 2008 Strategic Plan outlines the profession’s commitment to diversity as a Core Belief: “Ensuring that local governments and the association reflect the diversity of the communities we serve.” Over the past several years, ICMA members have participated in a variety of efforts intended to help identify how the profession can work toward better reflecting the communities we serve. The next step in the process is to combine thoughts and recommendations into an action plan for the association. This initiative will result in a series of short- and long-term recommendations to the ICMA Executive Board designed to help achieve the membership’s core value of being an inclusive association and profession. The task force will meet during the Charlotte conference and virtually during the year with a final report presented to the executive board at the Seattle conference in 2015.

Not Included in the 2014 Call for Volunteers

Task Force on ICMA’s 100th anniversary          

To commemorate the “once-in-a-lifetime” opportunity presented by ICMA’s 100th anniversary, the ICMA Executive Board is creating a member-driven task force to engage other members in celebrating the accomplishments and legacy of ICMA’s first 100 years and explore how ICMA can continue to be a cornerstone for its membership as we begin our second century. Members will pay particular attention to the key historical milestones that should be highlighted for the membership. In addition, the task force will become familiar with the recent dialogue on leadership in the future and the implications for local government and the profession. The task force will hold its first meeting in March or April 2013.

Task Force on Leadership

The local government management profession will experience enormous change heading into the next decades. A task force is being convened to evaluate the future role of leadership for the local government profession, the “value proposition” of professional management, and the supporting role ICMA must play. As part of its work, the task force will consider:

  • What are the forces that will impact local government in the next 10 to 25 years?
  • What challenges do those factors present?
  • What are the implications for the local government management profession?
  • What leadership and management competencies will be required of professional managers?
  • What are the implications for leadership and management development?
  • What should be the role of ICMA and affiliates in addressing these challenges?

The task force will launch its efforts with an in person meeting in January or February at a location to be determined. All additional meetings will be held virtually. Travel will be required for the kick off meeting. Task force members will be responsible for their travel expenses. The final report will be delivered to the executive board in Charlotte in September 2014. 

Library Advisory Committee

Libraries have long been community anchors that provide information and opportunity for all people. Today, public libraries provide high-quality public access to computers, the Internet, and technology training to ensure all people can benefit from opportunities online. Playing integral roles in accomplishing critical community priorities in economic development, education, environmental sustainability, diversity, literacy, public safety, and workforce development, libraries are helping to strengthen the services provided by local governments.

The Library Advisory Committee steers ICMA's work in public libraries and provides the program team with high-level feedback on project-related issues.

Life, Well Run Advisory Committee                 

The Life, Well Run Advisory Committee reviews and provides feedback on the member engagement activities of the campaign. This short-term committee includes representatives from various-sized communities and ensures members are comfortable with the level of involvement needed. The committee will serve as a sounding board to test ideas for member implementation at the state and/or local level. Consisting of 8-10 ICMA members, the committee will meet virtually three or four times in 2014 and 2015.


Roles, Expectations, and Responsibilities for ICMA Member Task Force/Committee Chairs (doc, 27 KB)

Roles, Expectations, and Responsibilities for ICMA Member Task Force/Committee Members (doc, 28 KB)

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