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Members in Transition

In Transition?  GET ENROLLED. Contact: Njames@icma.org.

When a Full Member is fired, forced to resign or otherwise involuntarily separated from local government service as a manager/administrator or senior staff member, ICMA provides an array of personal and financial support.

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Due to current economic conditions, ICMA understands that some local governments are being forced to cut back by laying off non-senior staff. If you have been laid off from a non-senior position, send an e-mail to membership@icma.org

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Members-Only Section
Click here for members-only access to many resources, including tips on how to make the most of your membership while in transition, a list of career resources, and financial guidance from ICMA-RC.

ICMA and State-Sponsored MIT Programs

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ICMA conducted a survey in February 2012 on the status of state association member in transition (MIT) programs. Of the 36 associations surveyed, 20 provided information on the types of activities and programs they offered MITs. While only 60% said that they had formal programs, most state associations offer some form of support to their members. ICMA has electronic copies of MIT policies for 11 states: Arizona,  Florida,  Georgia Illinois,  Iowa,  KansasMichiganMinnesotaMissouriOregon, and  South Carolina. Kurt Bressner, Range Rider from Florida, has also prepared a resource guide.

Click here for a summary of the responses compiled from the 20 respondents to this survey. If you have updates to the information provided, or would like to add your state association, contact membership@icma.org



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