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Members in Transition

When a Full Member is fired, forced to resign or otherwise involuntarily separated from local government service as a manager/administrator or senior staff member, ICMA provides an array of personal and financial support. 

Due to current economic conditions, ICMA understands that some local governments are being forced to cut back by laying off non-senior staff. If you have been laid off from a non-senior position, send an e-mail to membership@icma.org for options.

On a personal level, ICMA provides access to support services from ICMA leadership, senior management staff, Range Riders, and other members. Members are given the opportunity to have their names listed in the ICMA Newsletter and at icma.org as "in transition."  Their colleagues are encouraged to respond individually with advice and support. Colleagues should also keep in mind that members in transition are wonderful resources for short-term and interim assignments. In addition, each member in transition receives access to special articles and other publications designed to address common concerns during this difficult time. Click here for one example, a Colorado manual for managers in transition.

On a financial level, ICMA waives dues payments in six-month increments for up to three years. To facilitate networking with their fellow managers and to promote professional development while in transition, the registration fees for the annual conference and for one 90-minute webconference per month are waived. Members in transition are also given the opportunity to compete for a travel and lodging assistance scholarship. (For those who still cannot attend the annual conference, archived virtual conference materials are provided free of charge after the event.)

In addition, ICMA-RC has developed a valuable brochure geared specifically to the financial needs of members in transition. They also provide a special 800 number that you can use if you have questions about how to handle your retirement savings during transition.

Since ICMA membership belongs to the individual, not the local government, it is important for members to contact ICMA whenever there is a change in employment status. E-mail membership@icma.org or call 202-962-3680.

Members-Only Section
Click here for members-only access to many resources, including tips on how to make the most of your membership while in transition, a listing of career resources, several job loss articles from PM magazine, a brochure from ICMA-RC that provides guidance on maintaining your financial well-being during the transition period, and a document written by Range Riders that provides tips to MITs on how to handle the interview process. 

Current Roster (accessible only by ICMA members)
Click here for a current roster of ICMA Members in Transition.

ICMA and State-Sponsored MIT Programs
(Updated March 2012)

ICMA works closely with state associations to offer support to members in transition. In addition to providing helpful information to MITs, ICMA waives up to three years' worth of membership dues, offers complimentary annual conference registration, offers one free webconference registration per month to each MIT, and provides bimonthly conference calls. The next time you come across an MIT listing in the ICMA Newsletter, reach out and contact that member. Personal contact and individual support is always appreciated by your colleagues.

ICMA conducted a survey in February 2012 on the status of state association member in transition (MIT) programs. Of the 36 associations surveyed, 20 provided information on the types of activities and programs they offered MITs. While only 60% said that they had formal programs, most state associations offer some form of support to their members. ICMA has electronic copies of MIT policies for 11 states:  ArizonaFloridaGeorgia IllinoisIowaKansas, MichiganMinnesota, MissouriOregon, and  South Carolina. Kurt Bressner, Range Rider from Florida, has also prepared a resource guide.

Click here for a summary of the responses compiled from the 20 respondents to this survey. If you have updates to the information provided, or would like to add your state association, contact membership@icma.org


Hiring MITs & the Length of Service Guideline (pdf, 51 KB)