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Community Development Director
Manhattan Beach, CA
City of Manhattan Beach, CA
August 24, 2014

Director of Planning
621 W Broad St Suite 2-B, Pataskala, OH
City of Pataskala, OH

Development Services Manager
Charlottesville, VA
City of Charlottesville, VA
August 11, 2014

Community Development Director
101 First Street SE , Cedar Rapids, IA
City of Cedar Rapids, IA
August 31, 2014

Director of Community Services - Library / Recreation
22 E. Weber Ave , Stockton, CA 95202
City of Stockton, CA
August 29, 2014

City Manager
PO Box 779 , Galveston, TX
City of Galveston, TX

Child Development Specialist - Assessor
3800 Stone Rd , Kilgore, TX
East Texas Council of Governments, TX

Child Development Specialist - Mentor
3800 Stone Rd , Kilgore, TX
East Texas Council of Governments, TX

Director of Community Development
PO Box 8369 , Duck, NC
Town of Duck, NC

City Assessor
300 W. Baraga Avenue, Marquette, MI 49855
City of Marquette, MI
July 31, 2014

Senior Inspector (Building & Plumbing)
900 7th Avenue , Garner, NC
Town of Garner, NC

PO Box 145474 , Salt Lake City, UT
City of Salt Lake City, UT

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