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Business Analyst
130 S Galena St , Aspen, CO
City of Aspen, CO

Strategy and Performance Analyst
5334 South Prince Street, LIttleton, CO 80120
County of Arapahoe, CO

Special Project Coordinator
2450 E Quincy Ave, Cherry Hills Village, CO 80113
City of Cherry Hills Village, CO

Probation Supervised Adult Crews Division Director
575 Administration Dr., Suite 116B
County of Sonoma, CA
July 27, 2016

Principal Management Analyst
809 Center Street , Santa Cruz, CA
City of Santa Cruz, CA
July 28, 2016

Management Analyst
119 Fox St , Lemoore, CA
City of Lemoore, CA

Innovation and Analytics Officer
Boulder, Co
City of Boulder, CO

Human Resources Director

County of Clark, WA

Coordinator I, Municipal Tech Adv Service
600 Henley St #120, Knoxville, TN 3799
University of Tennessee-Municipal Technical Advisory Service (MTAS), TN

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