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Marketing and Communications Associate
777 N Capitol St NE Suite 500, Washington, DC 20002
ICMA; Washington, DC

Coordinator I, Municipal Tech Adv Service
600 Henley St #120, Knoxville, TN 3799
University of Tennessee-Municipal Technical Advisory Service (MTAS), TN

Human Resource Consultant - Employee Relations and LOA
433 Hay St , Fayetteville, NC
City of Fayetteville, NC
June 3, 2016

Principal Management Analyst / Senior Management Analyst
500 Castro Street, Mountain View, CA 94041
City of Mountain View, CA
May 27, 2016

Management Analyst
119 Fox St , Lemoore, CA
City of Lemoore, CA

Senior Human Resources Analyst
605 East Main Street, Charlottesville, VA
City of Charlottesville, VA

Corporate Strategic & Business Planning Administrator
200 W Washington St FL 12 , Phoenix, AZ
City of Phoenix, AZ

CMO Management Analyst
9551 W Sample Rd , Coral Springs, FL
City of Coral Springs, FL

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