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Tyler Goodman

We are a city of 40,000 residents. We'd like to know proportionally how large your fleets are for public safety (especially police). Have you used any type of consultant to know what a reasonable fleet size should be based on population and number of public safety employees? Do you have any creative solutions on how to right-size your public safety fleet?


Kenneth Decker


There's no way to effectively answer your question without a better understanding of your public safety operations, i.e., are patrol officers allowed to take patrol vehicles home? How many EMS stations/ambulances do you support? The operational mix between municipal and county public safety also plays in.

We're fortunate here because we can have a reasonable discussion with our chief law enforcement officer (sheriff) who supports "right-sizing" the fleet. In my experience, that's uncommon because many ES Directors, Police Chiefs, Fire Chiefs have the standard "if we don't get everything we ask for, PEOPLE WILL DIE!" mindset. Instead of spending money on a consultant, I would look at technology to develop data on utilization rates like hour meters, AVLs, etc. You tell me you need them, show me you use them. Then you have the battle of unrealistic "but what if we have three simultaneous active shooter events and need three command posts?" discussions. My last bit of advice (which should have been my first), make sure your governing body has the political will to chop wood before you buy the axe. Good luck.

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