Unfunded Mandates Passed to Local Governments

Tad McGalliard

An ICMA member is looking for any information, documentation or system for tracking federal and state unfunded mandates that are passed on to cities and counties. If you have a sample of such a document or if you know of a government agency that has implemented this type of tracking system could you please respond?


Matthew Lawless

Over the past year and a half, Virginia state government has emphasized mandate review as part of government reform. The governor assembled a task force, and localities and the municipal league submitted considerable input on mandates. The process is still ongoing and is active more at the state than the local level, but the documents on the task force website might help you get started. The task force members are all local officials and might be helpful contacts.


Kimball Payne

I am a member of the task force that Matt mentioned and would be glad to talk to you about our work. The Virginia Commission on Local Government also annually publishes a catalog of federal and state mandates imposed on localities. Here is the link: http://www.dhcd.virg..

Lawrence Di Re

Thanks for the link, Matt and Kimball.

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