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Adam Rush
Adam Rush asked

I am curious if anyone has used a private contracted service to assist in the research, preparation and pursuit of public and non-profit Planning, Econonmic Development, and/or Redevelopment Grants? Are these contractors reimbursed on an hourly basis on based upon contingency through award for the subject grant being pursued?

Thank you,

Adam Rush, Principal Planner
County of Riverside


Ian Coyle
Ian Coyle said

We contract through competitive RFP for grant-writing services. RFP review is both qualitative and quantitative. Once a contractor is selected, payments for services in finalized contract are based on agreed-upon hourly rates for development and production of grant applications/proposals and are not contingent upon success. Our RFP solicitation is attached as a PDF upload.

Adam Rush
Adam Rush said

Mr. Coyle,
Thank you very much for your prompt response. This is very helpful!
Adam Rush

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