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Jeffrey French

Barron County is facing a situation wherein a large number of Frac Sand Mining companies want to ship large quantities of sand from the mining site to a dry processing plant or rail head by either quad-axle or semi-dump truck. They will be utlilizing the County trunk highway system for this transfer of sand, up to 50 or 100 round trips per day on the same County road. The result is the current County road system will not handle this volume of truck traffic.

My question is has anyone else faced this or a similar situation and then defined the proposed road routes as high intensity thereby deriving revenues from those shippers who will be utlilizing the particular stretch of road? If you have such a policy or something similar I would be intersted in receiving a copy.

Thank you!


Alexandra Iannolo


I found some documents that may be a helpful start for your search.
This is an article about, “Laws of Unintended Consequences,” and how Tompkins County, NY is applying them to road maintenance.
You can also read a sample policy from Tompkins County below.
The Cortland County Legislature has also proposed a similar policy.
This report from Cornell University’s Working Paper Series, looks into the economic impact of natural gas extraction, particularly when it comes to local infrastructure.

Ali Iannolo
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