Ethics Case Studies

Jeffrey Snyder

The City has created a employee orientation program and we are revamping our Ethics portion and I need a little help on case studies. Does anyone have case studies for local governments that are simple and quick to discuss? We do not have much time dedicated to this topic during the orientation part so I am trying to get the most bang for the buck. Thanks in advance!


Kathleen McAlpine

The Ethics Challenge: Strengthening Your Integrity in a Greedy World by Bob Stone and Mick Ukleja has many short stories that would be worthy of discussion.

Ann Mahoney

You can find some great examples from Martha Perego's "Ethics Matter!" PM column . . . the columns are organized by topic in the ethics page of ICMA's website ( And just FYI, we're working on an ethics e-guide precisely for this kind of training and orientation opportunity. Our guide isn't quite ready for prime time, but in a few months we'll be able to announce its arrival.

Obi(Ovi) Ghosh

In our MPA program, we were assigned to read 4 books. Without any lecture whatsoever, we had to master some of these books. The book I liked the most with many examples is the Charles Garofalo and Dean Geuras. Common ground, Common future,: Moral agency in Public Administration. Other book that I liked was The Ethical Challenges in Public sectors. This book had many real life examples dealing with elderly, public serivice, real estate development etc.

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