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Keith Spoelker

Our police chief has announced his retirement effective 12/31. I am in the process of formulating interview questions to select the next chief. Does anyone have a favorite behavioral interview question that they would be willing to share. Thanks

Keith Spoelker
City Administrator
Bellevue, KY


Lee Feldman

I have used the following questions in the past:

  1. Please describe your general management style regarding the following areas. Give examples of each.

    a. City Manager/Police Chief Relations
    b. City Council Relations
    c. Employee Relations
    d. Community Relations

  2. Please describe three specific accomplishments in your local government law enforcement career that you consider to be the most significant.

  3. Explain your approach to promoting the concept of Community Oriented Policing throughout all sections of a police department.

  4. Based upon your knowledge of the City and its demographics, identify the program areas you would focus upon and describe how you would intend to undertake the tasks of a new chief during your first six months on the job.

  5. Police departments and law enforcement agencies in XXX County, as well as across the State, are finding it very difficult to attract qualified applicants for police officer positions. Discuss your philosophy and techniques relating to recruitment and retention of law enforcement personnel.

  6. Explain the techniques you would employ to keep the City Manager informed about projects, problems, issues, etc. Provide samples or examples.

  7. In your local government career, please relate the most sensitive or critical issue/crisis that either affected or had the potential to significantly affect your relationship with the City Manager or other Chief Executive Officer and the outcome. What techniques did you employ to resolve issue/crisis? Please be specific.

Keith Spoelker


Excellent questions. The City has 35+ applicants for the Chief position. I believe that your questions will allow us to narrow the list down to a manageable number for consideration. Thank you for responding to my request.

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