Regulating Public Facility Parking

Kristi Aday
Kristi Aday asked

Does anyone regulate parking at public facilities? For example, do you reserve library parking only for library patrons? If so, what drove you to do this? Benefits/pitfalls? How do you monitor?


Jayme Bosio

The Palm Beach County, FL, Government Center Complex Parking Policy provides metered public parking from the 6 a.m. to midnight ($.75 per half hour) on the first level of the parking garage and in an uncovered lot. Upper levels of the parking garage are reserved for county staff.
Parking is free to the public at all 15 County Library branch locations. At our Main Library there is a staff only parking area, and designated parking for the public. The only time it is necesary to enforce parking for library patrons is when a golf tournament is held across the street at the Trump International Golf Course. During those events, we post signs restricting parking lot use to library patrons, and have a security guard on call to enforce the rule. Unauthorized over-night or extended parking is not allowed at any county facility.

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