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Jon Amundson
Jon Amundson asked

Looking for examples of RFPs for a comprehensive records management plan. Would like it to include everything from the "boxes in the basement" to email retention and digital archiving. Have you had someone develop a plan for you? What did it include? What vendors are out there that offer this type of records management planning? Any information regarding this topic would be very appreciated.


Alexandra Iannolo

I found some example RFPs for records management.
The link below goes to the RFP for countywide records management and storage facility plan of Mercer County, NJ.

For more sample RFPs I included two RFPs dealing with software and electronic records management.

One is from the city of Kirkland, WA.

The other is from New York City.

I also included a vendor website called Archive Systems which seems to offer comprehensive services for records management. They have regional offices in the northwest and one in Kent, WA.
I hope these help!

Ali Iannolo
Knowledge Network Intern

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