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Casen Griffiths

I am looking for any studies/guidelines that may be available which give ideal minimum parking space requirements for specific land uses. Additionally I’m looking for any parking space requirement ordinances that base their standards on something other than building square footage, number of employees (total number or numbers of employees on maximum shift), or building/occupancy capacity. I would prefer to have ordinances examples from municipalities the Midwest, but any example would be great.


Alexandra Iannolo


I have found that many experts have actually begun to move away from the idea of minimum parking space requirements. Donald Shoup, a professor of Urban Planning at UCLA has completed a lot of research on how to make parking lots more efficient. You can see a link to his homepage below.
To see his work in action I have also included ordinances from areas that took his advice.
Redwood City, CA: http://shoup.bol.ucl..
Burlington, VT:

For more general information about parking ordinances I have included an EPA article about ways to improve parking spaces.

You can also see a list of ordinances from different jurisdictions which include their standards for parking space requirement.
Overland Park, KS: http://www.opkansas...

Gainesville, TX: http://www.gainesvil..

Vicksburg, MS: http://web.vicksburg..

Chattanooga, TN: http://www.chattanoo..

I hope these help!
Ali Iannolo
Knowledge Network Intern

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