Policy for issuing keys to the city and proclamations

Kelly Kresser

Does your community have a policy governing:

1) issuance of keys to the city, and;
2) issuance of proclamations

If so, is it possible to see the content of your policy so that we can begin to develop one?


Pooja Varma

Hi Kelly,

I found a few examples of polices from various jurisdictions that should prove useful.

  • City of Artesia, California Policy for Issuance of proclamations provides their consideration process for proclamations, and other recognitions. http://www.cityofart..

  • City of Tallahassee, Florida Ceremonial Recognition Policy provides the scope and applicability, for proclamations, plaques and certificates of appreciation and Large and Small Keys to the city.

  • City of Calgary, Canada proclamation policy provides requirements and procedure.

And two examples of Issuance of Proclamation request forms:
- Seattle, WA Guidelines and Request Form
- City of Fresno, CA online request form

I hope this is useful,
Pooja Varma
International City/County Management Association
Knowledge Network Intern

Kelly Kresser

Thank you so much for your help! These are a great start for us.

Pamela Muse

Kelly - attached and below are docs related to your inquiry that I hope are helpful:

Cedar Park

Stonnington - attached


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