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David Dollahon

Las Cruces is completing its HUD-required Analysis of Impediments to Fair Housing Choice. Several comments were received from the disabled community about being able to rent existing, accessible units. Currently, though there are units that are accessible throughout the community, the landlords end up renting the units to persons without disabilities because they don't know how to reach the disabled clients that are looking for an accessible unit to rent.

Is anyone aware of a community or organization that has put into place a mechanism to connect landlords and potential tenants together, especially the disabled?



Amanda Dodge

Hi David,

Unfortunately I have been unable to find any documents that specifically answer your question. However, I was able to locate a study done in California about ways to go about surveying different service providers to create a housing database:

Additionally, The United Way of Atlanta put out a housing directory that lists where to find affordable accessible housing (page 5), agency contacts for disabled individuals (page 6), contact information for housing facilities (page 17), and the location of an online tool for finding and listing housing for disabled individuals (page 24). Even though it is not a way to connect tenants and landlords, it could provide a useful information model:

I hope this helps,

Amanda Dodge
International City/County Management Association
Knowledge Network Intern

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