Municipal CNG fueling stations

Mark Abeles-Allison

For communities with compressed natural gas fueling stations, how is it working? What lessons did you learn? What would you do differently? What type of vehicles do you fuel?


Michael Repas

Hi Mark:
I have found a sources for you, which I have added to the Knowledge Network Library, and it can be found here:

Success stories from Fairfield, CT:

Here is an interesting news article from the Pittsburg, PA area, about how the public is being introduced to natural gas by giving funding to businesses to both purchase natural gas fleet vehicles, and at the same time constructing a public-use CNG refueling station (an interesting approach to building the first stations in an area):

Also, the US Department of Energy has a wealth of information on the subject beyond the examples above, so feel free to check out their news page, here: http://www.afdc.ener..

Finally, there is an organization called NGV, which provides global news for the Natural Gas Vehicle industry, and their website is constantly updated with country-, state-, and local-level news about CGN refueling stations, so perhaps you could find the information you need through them: http://www.ngvglobal..

I hope this helps!

Mark Abeles-Allison

Mark Abeles-Allison


Zane Reynolds

As a part of the ICMA's Center for Performance Measurement's (CPM) fleet management performance survey, we ask each jurisdiction whether or not they own, operate, and maintain an alternative fuel filling facility. Many jurisdictions currently operate such facilities. I also recommend calling Mesa, which is a member of CPM. I would also suggest you contact Oklahoma City, OK; Dallas, TX; Phoenix, AZ; and Long Beach, CA.

For more information about the ICMA Center for Performance Measurement visit:

Charles Warrington

Clearwater Gas System (FL) is in the process of designing now a NGV fueling station & the City of Clearwater (our owner) is planning to convert about 65 sanitation trucks & a number of utility vehicles to NGV. For more info on this you can contact Brian Langille, PE, CEM, Gas Operations Manager @ (727) 562-4911 or .

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